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Modern Mixology: Orchard Sour

Springtime is here! There is a blue tit hopping all over the branches of the tree outside, and England is super excited because we had three hours of sunshine over a week or so. So what better opportunity than to showcase a very popular springtime drink, the Orchard Sour showcasing beautiful gin, apple and elderflower flavours.

Before I start, quick introduction. My name’s Liam, Two posts a week, one on modern drinks/classic drinks/spirit reviews/cool stuff, the other on the entire history and application of a certain beverage, you can check out the first one this thursday, which is on vermouth! Link Here

This was created by a friend and former colleague of mine, Matt Armitage for London Cocktail Week and is the perfect drink for the first Modern Mixology, and the first Drink Society post! I really wanted to do a drink that is very easy and accessible for the first post, we’ll go a bit crazier with foams and whatnot in later posts.

This drink is very simple but it does everything right, it evokes all the senses, it looks great, it smells amazing, and it tastes like everything you expect from this time of year.

Orchard Sour

50ml Gin (Plymouth or Bombay Sapphire – Dry & light on juniper)
25ml Lemon Juice
12.5ml Sugar (2-1)
12.5ml Elderflower Cordial
50ml Apple juice
Half an egg white (NOT optional)

The egg white does not add any flavour, it simply creates a beautiful foam, and changes the texture to give the drink an exquisite mouthfeel.

Dry shake all ingredients first:

Then shake and strain:

Garnish with caramelized apples:

If you don’t have a blowtorch, sprinkle some apple slices with sugar, and bake in a hot oven until sugar has browned nicely.

This recipe is very easy to play around with too, try subbing the elderflower for some muddled cucumber for example. Or maybe a dash of rhubarb bitters.

Hope that was a relatively attractive first Modern Mixology, and I’ll see you all on Thursday!

Thanks to Matt Armitage for the recipe,


2 responses

  1. I love the torched apples… unique!! I’ll definitely be torching my next drink!

    18 April, 2011 at 8:29 PM

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