You wouldn't trust a skinny chef, and I'm drunk as hell

Exciting changes! – Update Oct 2011

Hello Society!

Exciting news, I have just bought a new camera!

Here is a picture of it..

More details after the break —>>

Here’s me trying to remain anonymous

So what this means for the society is that this blog is expanding, not only will it be spirits and cocktails, it will be travel and food too. I mean it IS drink society so most of this stuff is going to be drink based so trips to distilleries, bars, etc, but hopefully in other countries! Also the food will have spirits twists, so look forward to my upcoming recipe for calvados, apple and fig chutney.

My camera also has HD video, so over the next few months I will be releasing a few videos with me and a few people chatting about drinks and making stuff. I am going to try and do a couple of vlogs as well, if I can get all the bastard equipment to stay cool.

I am also gonna get a couple of people to do some guest articles and stuff, and we will be back up to regular updates, starting with twice a month and then hopefully once a week, once I get a macbook with some decent editing software.

So yeah exciting times for the society chaps, hopefully you will get to see a more personal side of me over the next few months, and I will get some more content up as soon as possible.

Please do however forgive if my camera skills aren’t AMAZING, the last camera I bought was with my mum aged about 8 from a personal ad in the supermarket, it was £80 and was 3MP or so, awesome at the time. I could never get the software to work and I think I took maybe one photograph on it the whole time I had it.

I love this canon though, so hopefully it will all be dandy.

Here’s what I was drinking tonight, Glenlivet 12, I may review it in my gin review section but I don’t think so, it’s nice and standard easy drinking. This picture is more of an excuse to show off my awesome poster than the scotch! Look how cool it is! I am amazing.

Stay safe and drink well society, I’ll see you next time.



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