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The Kitchen Elixir: Angostura Truffles!

Hello Society!

Two kitchen posts in two weeks?! I know I know, I will be doing more drinks posts in the next 2 weeks but what can i say, I fricking love food! And these truffles that I made are oh so good.

I promise the next two will be drink related 😉

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Hey guys so before I begin the recipe I have some news. As of now you can send requests for me to cover classic cocktail recipes, or food items. I will then either do a history of the cocktail, or do a booze twist on the food recipe you send me! Exciting stuff. I will also link to your website/blog whatever and mention you in the post.

All requests go here:

Don’t be shy I would love to hear from you guys. (obviously replace the word at with an @ symbol, I’m trying to avoid spam)

Anyways onto these decadant truffles. These are not good for you. I will not pretend they are good for you. But they are delicous. After I had made them I left a few out in my dining room for my housemates, the note said:

“Help yourself: Warning – May cause man boobs”

I got the base for this recipe from the ever wonderful foodwishes and the awesome guys at sorted. Also looked like these guys had fun making some normal ones! I absolutely love angostura bitters and I know how well they pair with chocolate so making these were a logical step and man did they turn out good.

I had never made truffles before, whenever anyone mentioned chocolate truffles it always made me envisage those big box of different types of chocolates you get at Christmas and you look at that map of chocolates and the truffle option is always snaffled up by your great aunt in a flash. I probably subconsciously made these so I could have a whole bunch all to myself!

I cannot stress how easy these ones are to make, and better than any boxed christmas ones!

You will need:

200g Dark Chocolate
100ml Double Cream
25ml Angostura Bitters
Cocoa powder to coat
Pinch of salt

Yep. That’s it. Really.

Break up the chocolate into roughly equal sized pieces and put in a bowl.

DON’T EAT ANY! *slaps away hand* I’m watching you.

Meanwhile, heat up the cream on medium heat until it reaches boiling point.

Please ignore my dirty stove top 😉

Yes that is enough cream stop asking me. If you use more you will have marbled truffles (Like I absolutely did) Tastes fine still though.

When boiling, pour over your chocolate and let sit for 2 mins.

Now begin to stir in, it looks kinda gross at first but then wait…

Luscious smooth chocolate.

If it doesn’t look like this and you can still see bits of chocolate you were too impatient and your cream was too cold. You will have to transfer to a double boiler and dissolve the chocolate that way.

You are now ready to add your angostura bitters.

Note: rather than dashing the angostura 25 times, you can hook a fingernail or a knife under the dash spout and get it off and then measure it out.

Stir it in. Add a big ol’ pinch of salt. Stir that in too. There, we’re pretty much done.

That took what, 10 minutes? I know!

Line a bowl with clingfilm, pour your chocolate mixture in.

Refridgerate for 2 hours, or if you’re in a hurry, the freezer for half an hour to an hour or so. Keep an eye on it though, you don’t want it tooo cold.

Take it out, and put it on a chopping board – sans clingfilm.

See that white stuff going through it? That’s cream because i used too much!

Don’t be me! Use exactly hal the amount of cream as chocolate. It won’t affect the taste too much though. Just asthetics.

Chop into rough pieces, keep them as uniformally sized as you can though.

Now for the messy bit, take the pieces and roll them between your palms until spherical.

Refrain from licking hands until done.

Make sure if you’re me to wash hands thoroughly before taking photos

(Note: I definitely did do this.. :\ )

Next put some cocoa powder in a bowl and toss the balls in them until coated.

And that’s it! You’re done! The whole thing took about 15 minutes (except for cooling time) This was like the easiest thing I’ve ever made.

Box em up all nice like. Put them in a glass or a pot so you can take photos better.

Possibly put them in a box and give them to a friend.

They will keep well at room temperature where they will be slightly gooey and melt in the mouth more, or for a slightly firmer texture you could keep them in the fridge.

That’s all for today! Thanks for tuning in.

As I mentioned above you can now send requests for classic cocktails or you can ask for recipes and I will put a booze spin on it! Exciting.


Twitter: @societyofdrink

See you next week.



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  1. These look scrumptious. I’d be happy to have something else to do with my Ango bitters besides dashing them into my Old-Fashioneds.

    16 February, 2012 at 1:18 AM

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