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St Clements Tart – Orange, Lemon and Cointreau Tarte au Citron

Hello and merry 2012! This is the first post of the year, I kind of started neglecting this blog towards the end of 2011.. Blame video games. And Laziness. One of my new years resolutions is to post once a week here and a minimum of 3 times a week on twitter.

Yeah. Good times.

For my first post of 2012 I have made a delicious twist on the classic lemon tart, by adding various goodies.. And booze of course. Read the rest of the details after the jump.

If I ever have a spare minute before work and I am paticularly craving pastry (the 1st is more rare than the 2nd unfortunately 😦  ) I will stop off at my local coffee shop, called Monmouth located funnily enough on Monmouth Street just off seven dials. There is another one on London Bridge. I know this because I walked past it on my pilgrimage.

Anyway on these cold winter days I will sit inside, Monmouth isn’t like normal coffee shops, for one mobile phones are banned and everyone sort of squishes together in these cosy booths that should take 4 people but regularly take 6 or 7. I will order a flat white and a lemon tart. As I order my coffee it is shouted and repeated amongst the baristas.

The coffee is as always, perfect, and the lemon tart is deliciously rich, creamy and smooth but with just the right amount of acidic bite. The base is a rich, buttery flaky pastry that adds just the right texture to complement the filling.

I wanted to make my version of this, possibly with a booze twist. Did you know that adding vodka to pie crusts makes them extra crispy and delicious? Apparently so. I decided however to add my booze to the filling. Working off of this recipe, I modified it to include some orange zest and juice, and also some cointreau (triple sec)

And the name? Ah the name.. Have you ever read 1984 by George Orwell? If not, why not? The part that sticks most in my mind (other than O’Brien.. best character) Is the slim bit of memory of their old life that they remember. Repeating the poem to themselves to try and keep their minds sane.

“Oranges and lemons,
Say the bells of St. Clement’s.

You owe me five farthings,
Say the bells of St. Martin’s.

When will you pay me?
Say the bells of Old Bailey.”

Seemed apt for our Orange and lemon tart! Right, you will need

St Clements Tart

For the filling:

6 Unwaxed Lemons
1 Large Orange
150g Sugar
200ml Whipping cream
6 Eggs
50ml Cointreau

For the base:

I actually already had a pie crust frozen from a previous experiment but there is a great recipe here. You could of course, buy one ready made.

First step, we need to zest our lemons and orange. Wash your fruit first, then grate as finely as possible getting as little as the white pith as possible.

Next juice your lemons. My lemons fitted nicely into my mexican elbow which made my life a lot easier.

Next you will need the juice from half of your orange. If you decide not to include the cointreau use the entire orange.

Now 50ml of cointreau

In a separate bowl, whisk together 6 eggs, you don’t need them thick, you just need the yolks and eggs to be fully integrated into each other.

Now whisking as you go, slowly add your juice.

Next the cream.

At this point I like to take the entire mixture and run it through a fine strainer in case I missed any bits of egg or the citrus curdled some of the cream. (Unlikely but still.)

Mix in your zest. Absolutely under no circumstances should you forget this stage and sprinke it on as you put it in the oven like me or it will look more like a quiche than a sexy tart. *shifty eyes*

Bake in a preheated oven at 170C for 25-30 minutes, depending on thickness.

When you check on it, the centre should wobble slightly but the whole thing must be relatively firm.

Allow to cool slightly before serving with creme fraiche.

I like a coffee with mine too.

Cheers guys, see you next week.



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One response

  1. The tart was great! I’ve visited Monmouth once. And while I adore their plain décor and down-to-earth atmosphere, I found it difficult to talk there. Coffee grinders and people chatting everywhere!

    More tarts, please!

    11 January, 2012 at 11:49 AM

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