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Modern Mixology: Cocktails Served in a Bottle

I was originally planning on writing a post about classic cocktails today, but that was before I got a delivery of these gorgeous bottles:

More info and pictures after the jump.

There’s something quite rustic about having a bottle that makes an audible pop as you open it. It reminds me of (warning: silly story approaching) when I was younger me and my friend used to go out on the town and he would stay at mine afterwards where upon we would play video games until the early hours of the morning.

The next day we would be feeling rather understandably worse for wear. We would always head into town and pass by the local shop. We would always buy the same, a glass bottle of coke and a tomato each. A tomato for god’s sake! We had read that a tomato had some some of hangover cure properties.. Maybe I read it here. Who knows.

We always had to ask the shop assistant to open the coke for us as we didn’t have a bottle opener. Not like today when I have a bar blade with me at all times! So yeah there’s something about these bottles that reminds me of walking into town with a good mate, drinking a coke and regaling each other of stories from the night before.

I mean when you come down to it, this is why I got into cocktails in the first place. I don’t mean to sound wanky but if you go to a bar it is about being social you know. So the idea of doing a bottled cocktail kind of appealed to me.

The ever fantastic gaz regan wrote about this a little bit in his awesome “Joy of Mixology” book where he gave a couple of recipes for bottled cocktails. I see it pop up in blogs every so often too.

The bottles were a little plain by themselves so I spent far too long making little gift tags. I painstakingly wrote drinking quotes on each one.

Time for the cocktail! I decided to make a gin based cocktail. This is kind of based off a classic cocktail called the Jasmine, which was invented by a chap called Paul Harrington in the 1990s


50ml gin
12.5ml Cointreau
12.5ml Campari
37.5ml Lemon juice

Whenever people try this drink they are always struck by how grapefruity it tastes without actually adding any grapefruit.

I am however making a large amount of liquid so I made this twist, actually adding some grapefruit in, and subbing campari for aperol. This works paticularly well with a more citrussy style of gin.

serves 2-3

100ml Tanqueray 10
60ml Aperol
30ml Cointreau
50ml Lemon juice
10ml Sugar syrup
150ml Grapefruit juice
Top up with soda

Shake and strain through a funnel all ingredients except soda.

Top up with soda, seal bottle.

Upturn once or twice to combine ingredients and to make sure it makes an audible *pop* when you open it.

Serve with appropriate glassware. I swapped halfway through because I’m fickle like that.

Doesn’t that look pretty with the tag! I love my life.

Unexpected glassware swap. Add a twist to make it look fancy!

Enjoy. See you soon guys.

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