You wouldn't trust a skinny chef, and I'm drunk as hell

More Exciting Changes – Feb 2012

OK since I posted an update video back in October last year, the feedback has been pretty good. My followers have tripled, which is way more than I thought I would get in a few months. Because of this I have decided to change how I’m going to update my blog.

I will do two. posts. a week. Two. One on food, one on drink. Two.

To help me do this I spent quite a lot of money on my new setup, which you can see here:

Thats more than £1500 of equipment. I intend to start doing a food and drinks book review section in the very near future as I have over 50 books that I would love to share.

I love doing this, I love sharing food and drink with the world, and this outlet is amazing, so yeah, I think 2012 has some pretty good things to offer this blog.

To close: here is a quote from Winston Churchill

“I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken from me”

See you (twice more) this week.




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