You wouldn't trust a skinny chef, and I'm drunk as hell

Modern Mixology

Modern Mixology: Cocktails Served in a Bottle

I was originally planning on writing a post about classic cocktails today, but that was before I got a delivery of these gorgeous bottles:

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Modern Mixology: Bespoke Lemonade and Auchentoshan Old Fashioned

Today I have something special, a video of me making drinks!

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Modern Mixology: Flagship Punch

Good Day to thee! Today we will be exploring punch, and I will by the end create a HUGE bowl of punch for 200 hungry mouths to try. Punch probably originated on the seas with sailors in the East India Trading Company and I wanted to play homage to that (with a little bit of artistic license) with my Flagship Punch:


Modern Mixology: Orchard Sour

Springtime is here! There is a blue tit hopping all over the branches of the tree outside, and England is super excited because we had three hours of sunshine over a week or so. So what better opportunity than to showcase a very popular springtime drink, the Orchard Sour showcasing beautiful gin, apple and elderflower flavours.