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A World of Spirits: Bols Genever

Hello and welcome back to the return of “A World of Spirits” ! And I guess, the return of drink society! I have been AFC (away from computer) for almost a month due to birthday shenanigans, holidays and various changes in my job world. However I will be posting twice this week to hopefully slightly make up for it. Today, as I went to Amsterdam last month, I will be covering Bols Genever.

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Beer Glazed Soft Pretzels

I decided to try my hand at baking for the first time ever with pretty good results! If you are reading from the future, yes, hello, this was my first attempt at baking any bread related products. I know I’m super successful now so it looks kind of silly to see this, but they did turn out good.

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Modern Mixology: Cocktails Served in a Bottle

I was originally planning on writing a post about classic cocktails today, but that was before I got a delivery of these gorgeous bottles:

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St Clements Tart – Orange, Lemon and Cointreau Tarte au Citron

Hello and merry 2012! This is the first post of the year, I kind of started neglecting this blog towards the end of 2011.. Blame video games. And Laziness. One of my new years resolutions is to post once a week here and a minimum of 3 times a week on twitter.

Yeah. Good times.

For my first post of 2012 I have made a delicious twist on the classic lemon tart, by adding various goodies.. And booze of course. Read the rest of the details after the jump.


Pilgrimage to the Whiskey Exchange: London Bridge, Borough Market and Cocchi Americano

Hello society!

I travelled to London bridge on the weekend to buy some spirits and stuff including cocchi americano!

You can read about that and the rest of my travels in the area in the rest of the post! 🙂

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Exciting changes! – Update Oct 2011

Hello Society!

Exciting news, I have just bought a new camera!

Here is a picture of it..

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Modern Mixology: Bespoke Lemonade and Auchentoshan Old Fashioned

Today I have something special, a video of me making drinks!

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