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A World of Spirits: Bols Genever

Hello and welcome back to the return of “A World of Spirits” ! And I guess, the return of drink society! I have been AFC (away from computer) for almost a month due to birthday shenanigans, holidays and various changes in my job world. However I will be posting twice this week to hopefully slightly make up for it. Today, as I went to Amsterdam last month, I will be covering Bols Genever.

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Pisco Sour

The ubiquitous pisco sour is the national cocktail of both Peru and Chile, using the namesake national spirit of both countries, Pisco.

An anonymous writer said it best in 1872.

“It is perfectly colourless, quite fragrant, very seductive, terribly strong, and has a flavour somewhat resembling that of scotch whiskey, but much more delicate, with a marked fruity taste.”

Read more about the history and method after the break.

Read more about the pisco sour here.


The Manhattan

The question I get asked probably most frequently in my day to day life is “What’s your favourite cocktail.” Shows how alright my life is eh? My answer is nearly always the same “Asking a boozehound to pick his favourite cocktail is like asking a painter to pick his favourite colour.” Much eye rolling ensues I’m sure.

However if I am pressured more I may come out with the following phrase “If, god forbid, I were ever on a desert island and had to pick only one cocktail, oh please never let that happen, it would probably be the Manhattan”

One of the most complex classic cocktails yet contains so few ingredients and so easy to make. The manhattan is balanced, strong and deliciously tasty, i will be covering it after the jump.

Read about the history of the manhattan here.


More Exciting Changes – Feb 2012

OK since I posted an update video back in October last year, the feedback has been pretty good. My followers have tripled, which is way more than I thought I would get in a few months. Because of this I have decided to change how I’m going to update my blog.

I will do two. posts. a week. Two. One on food, one on drink. Two.

To help me do this I spent quite a lot of money on my new setup, which you can see here:

Thats more than £1500 of equipment. I intend to start doing a food and drinks book review section in the very near future as I have over 50 books that I would love to share.

I love doing this, I love sharing food and drink with the world, and this outlet is amazing, so yeah, I think 2012 has some pretty good things to offer this blog.

To close: here is a quote from Winston Churchill

“I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken from me”

See you (twice more) this week.



A World of Spirits: Sipsmith Gin

Hello and welcome to another distillery visit edition! The aim is to eventually visit every distillery in the world and write about it. But as for the moment I am poor, it will have to be distilleries rather close to home. Being English that means one thing. Gin. Which I am perfectly happy to comply with as gin is tasty. In fact I think where most people have the equivalent to 9 nails worth of iron in their blood, I have 12 martinis worth.

And what better gin to write about than the relatively new offering, Sipsmith. Before I start I must note that this was the last set of photos taken on my old camera before I upgraded so please try and forgive the low resolution, regular high quality pictures will resume as of next post.

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The Kitchen Elixir: Angostura Truffles!

Hello Society!

Two kitchen posts in two weeks?! I know I know, I will be doing more drinks posts in the next 2 weeks but what can i say, I fricking love food! And these truffles that I made are oh so good.

I promise the next two will be drink related 😉

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The Kitchen Elixir: How to make caramel matrixes. Perfect for a Dessert or Drink Garnish.

Hello Society!

Today I will be showing you how to make sexy caramel garnishes, that you can tweak to your own needs.