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A World of Spirits: Bols Genever

Hello and welcome back to the return of “A World of Spirits” ! And I guess, the return of drink society! I have been AFC (away from computer) for almost a month due to birthday shenanigans, holidays and various changes in my job world. However I will be posting twice this week to hopefully slightly make up for it. Today, as I went to Amsterdam last month, I will be covering Bols Genever.

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Modern Mixology: Cocktails Served in a Bottle

I was originally planning on writing a post about classic cocktails today, but that was before I got a delivery of these gorgeous bottles:

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A World of Spirits: Sipsmith Gin

Hello and welcome to another distillery visit edition! The aim is to eventually visit every distillery in the world and write about it. But as for the moment I am poor, it will have to be distilleries rather close to home. Being English that means one thing. Gin. Which I am perfectly happy to comply with as gin is tasty. In fact I think where most people have the equivalent to 9 nails worth of iron in their blood, I have 12 martinis worth.

And what better gin to write about than the relatively new offering, Sipsmith. Before I start I must note that this was the last set of photos taken on my old camera before I upgraded so please try and forgive the low resolution, regular high quality pictures will resume as of next post.

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A World of Spirits: Plymouth Gin

Hello! Apologies for the time it has taken me to post something new, the last couple of months have been extremely busy for me. But just like the prodigal son, I have returned, with a brand new section no less. I will attempt over the next few months to visit as many distilleries as possible and talk a little about spirits I have tried and tasted. Today I will be covering plymouth gin.


Modern Mixology: Orchard Sour

Springtime is here! There is a blue tit hopping all over the branches of the tree outside, and England is super excited because we had three hours of sunshine over a week or so. So what better opportunity than to showcase a very popular springtime drink, the Orchard Sour showcasing beautiful gin, apple and elderflower flavours.