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The Manhattan

The question I get asked probably most frequently in my day to day life is “What’s your favourite cocktail.” Shows how alright my life is eh? My answer is nearly always the same “Asking a boozehound to pick his favourite cocktail is like asking a painter to pick his favourite colour.” Much eye rolling ensues I’m sure.

However if I am pressured more I may come out with the following phrase “If, god forbid, I were ever on a desert island and had to pick only one cocktail, oh please never let that happen, it would probably be the Manhattan”

One of the most complex classic cocktails yet contains so few ingredients and so easy to make. The manhattan is balanced, strong and deliciously tasty, i will be covering it after the jump.

Read about the history of the manhattan here.



What to Drink: Rum Pt. 1

Rum, a drink celebrated for years for its delicious versatility, drank by all manner of people throughout history; politicians, spies, sailors, colonists, hollywood stars, slaves, soldiers and more. I hope to take you on a journey through the history of rum and what made it what it is today