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Molten Cognac Chocolate Lava Cake

Is there anything more decadently delicious after a meal than something chocolatey, or maybe, a nice cognac to sup? This dessert combines the best of both worlds with a rich chocolate cake, with a melt-in-the-middle cognac chocolate centre.

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The Kitchen Elixir: Angostura Truffles!

Hello Society!

Two kitchen posts in two weeks?! I know I know, I will be doing more drinks posts in the next 2 weeks but what can i say, I fricking love food! And these truffles that I made are oh so good.

I promise the next two will be drink related 😉

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Pilgrimage to the Whiskey Exchange: London Bridge, Borough Market and Cocchi Americano

Hello society!

I travelled to London bridge on the weekend to buy some spirits and stuff including cocchi americano!

You can read about that and the rest of my travels in the area in the rest of the post! 🙂

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Exciting changes! – Update Oct 2011

Hello Society!

Exciting news, I have just bought a new camera!

Here is a picture of it..

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